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Depot Equipment

Isocon design and manufacture every aspect of Depot Equipment.Data management to walkways Isocon can supply!

  • Isocon designed collective Safety system ( NO MORE NEED FOR FALL ARREST SYSTEMS). This system incorporates prevention from fall when working on top of the tank unit, and man down retrieval system when working in confined space inside the tank unit.
  • Adaptable walkway / gantry systems( no need for overhead fall arrest equipment with the Isocon design).
  • Lifting Frames for for ISO Tanks ( side lift or top lift ).
  • Tank Unit Rotators.


Walkway / Gantrywalkway / GantryWalkway / GantryWalkway / GantryWalkway / GantryWalkway / GantryWalkway / GantrySide Lifting FrameSide Lifting FrameTank RotatorsTank on Rotators


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